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 Private Sessions

One on one private sessions at your place in NYC, The Hamptons, Miami and Bogotá – or online private classes wherever you are. Your pace, your focus and your schedule.

In-Person and online Tantra for couples:

This is the perfect gift for yourself, your partner and your relationship! This is for couples who have just started, couples who have been together for a long time and have lost their fire or couples who want to expand their sexuality, even people who are not a couple but share sexuality.

In-Person Yoga Private Sessions
You don’t have to be flexible or in great shape to benefit from working with us. All you need is a flexible mind and an
open heart willing to learn.

For one on one private sessions, we offer 10 extra minutes to focus on the practice of Reiki to encourage
emotional or physical healing and deep relaxation.
We are really passionate about offering people the best yoga tools to benefit their unique minds and bodies for their
own constitution, lifestyle and goals.

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Typically, each yoga session lasts one hour and includes meditation, breathing techniques, yoga postures, smiles and, perhaps most importantly, a moment of reflection. The idea is to design a yoga class that fits your needs and goals.

One on one Yoga Sessions at home (NYC)
- $200 / 1 hour Class 
- $250 / 1 hour Class / Up to 6 people
One on one Tantra for couples at home (NYC)

- $200 / 1 hour session
- $99/ online session 

Online Private Classes ( Zoom or FT) 

- $150 /1 Hour Class / Up to 2 people

Private Events

- Price varies depending on location, time, and specifications required.

Online Courses

Visit our store, and join the perfect course for you.


Yoga Beyond the Mat

An Online Course to start your journey in Yoga.