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Yoga Beyond the Mat

by Beautiful Yoga

Thank you for choosing us, we hope you enjoy every single part of this course, as much as we do!

You will learn how to perform the most common yoga poses, the correct alignments, the variations, the counter poses, the most common mistakes people make, the energetic effects, and possible health benefits for the most basic asanas.

You will also learn how to breathe properly while doing the poses and breathing techniques to energize or relax your body.
After taking this course, you will feel more knowledgeable and confident about taking a full yoga class. 

And guess what...You are only one click away from being part of this amazing journey, it is a decision you will not regret!!

What People Are Saying:

Aleja's class was absolutely phenomenal! As an avid yogi, it’s not often that I take a class and learn new things or am wow’d by a new experience. This was an entirely different experience from any yoga class I’ve ever taken! The class incorporated mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, strength poses, stretching, and flows. I absolutely loved the combination of all these methods, I was left feeling strong, relaxed but energized and completely present and it wasn’t just after the class, I felt this way for days after!! Aleja guided me through all this in such a way that it completely flowed, it didn’t feel like I was having to transition from one thing to the next. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to connect their mind and body and just feel amazing! I’m totally hooked!

Nastassja Tejada

Muy afortunada y agradecida de haberte conocido después de recibir tu clase. Por temas de calamidad familiar no pude asistir a la ultima clase grupal que programaste, pero sé que volveremos a vernos pronto.. Gracias, Gracias, Gracias.

Andrea Patricia