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Private Sessions

One on one private sessions at your place in NYC, The Hamptons, Miami and Bogotá
Or online private classes wherever you are. Your pace, your focus and your schedule.
We are passionate about offering the best healing tools and practices to benefit unique minds and bodies for their own constitution, lifestyle and goals.

Yoga (Vinyasa, Therapeutic, Tantra)


You don’t have to be flexible or in great shape to benefit from working with us. All you need is a flexible mind and an open heart willing to learn.

For one on one private sessions, we offer 15 extra minutes to focus on the practice of Reiki/ or Himalayan healing bowl therapy to encourage emotional healing and deep relaxation.

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Tantra for couples


This is the perfect gift for your lover, yourself, and your relationship! This is for couples who have just started, couples who have been together for a long time and have lost their fire or couples who want to expand their intimacy and connection.
This session is tailored to your own unique needs as a couple.

- Both, your partner and you agree to have a session.
- Open mind
- No expectations

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In-Person Himalayan Healing Bowl Therapy


This is a deep meditative and relaxing experience using the healing properties of our Full Moon Himalayan Bowls. This therapy is believed to be able to remove negative energies, greatly reduce stress and bring our internal organs into proper harmony. This therapy is also effective in activating and balancing the chakras, which, according to Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, are the energy centers of the body.


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