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lifestyle yoga Mar 26, 2022

I invite you to get to know me better because it looks like we might have some things in common.

1. At 6 years old I changed my name to Laura Marcela.

2. One of my favorite cities: Barcelona, ​​Santa Monica (CA) and Medellín … Of course, I can not miss New York City, The city I am living in now !!!

3. I am an Industrial Engineer, I love that career and I would study the same if I have to choose again.

4. Whenever I see an airplane I wonder, where will it go? I want to be there!

5. I am a ballet dancer frustrated.

6. I love dogs, that’s why I still do not have one because it would be my weakness. However, I want to have one very soon, a small one to carry in my bag and another big one to run with him.

7. I’m not the most fan of Vallenato, but there are some that I enjoy too much! My favorites are the old ones of Felipe Pelaez, especially two songs of him: Una como tú y Encontré lo que quería. I recommend them a lot! Especially if there is a man out there who wants a woman to fall in love.

8. I love yoga and running is one of the things that I most enjoy because disconnects me and relaxes me.

9. For those who have read my blog a bit, they know what I am going to say … I am very Vata!  The good thing is that I try so hard to balance my doshas all the time.

10. I have a very particular fear and it is closing the door of a bathroom. I always need to go with someone to wait for me at door. I do not know what happen but I always stay locked up! (It’s something so mental that something always happens to me!) I’ve had that fear since I was a child, but in Amsterdam Christmas (2010) grew exponentially when I was locked in the restroom of an Arab restaurant, and the owners and I did not understand anything the other was saying! They did not can open the door and they wanted me to stay there all night locked up! It was one of my worst Christmas, I was really really scared.

11. …The fear of going to the bathroom alone is mainly due to the fact that, although I do not like to admit it, I am a little claustrophobic. That’s why elevators are not for me either 🙁😖.

12. The person who I most love: My dad! We are very similar. He is a very chill and cool person but when he gets stressed it’s better to run away !!! 🏃🏽💨💨

13. Most people see me as a strong woman, but I really am more vulnerable than they think.

14. One of the best things that have happened to me? Many! I feel very fortunate and grateful to God every day. However at this time, I would say that I feel lucky because I have a family that supports me in everything, I have many friends that are like my family and because in my life they have only happened and I have met people who are too valuable to carry in my heart.

15. I fall 3 things: Intelligence, chivalry, and a good attitude!

16. Something I have learned to do and that I highly recommend is: Meditate. I think the world would change too much if we all started it.

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Lots of love, Lauri  🧘🏻‍♀️✨

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