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Mar 29, 2022

Do you know what a chakra is?… Chakra means disk or wheel ⭕️

They are energetic points in our bodies. We can imagine them as spinning disks responsible to move our inner energy through our body vertically πŸ”ƒ and horizontally πŸ”

The main 7 chakras relate to the following:

7. Consciousness πŸ’­
6. Intuition πŸ’‘
5. Communication πŸ—£
4. Love πŸ’¨
3. Power πŸ”₯
2. Sexuality πŸ’¦
1. Survival 🌍

When our chakras are balanced:

🌈We engage in the process of MANIFESTATION when the energy runs through our higher chakra down to our lower chakra. We create it in our minds and make it happen in this 🌎

πŸ’­ Thoughts ➑️ visualization ➑️ words ➑️ form 🌎

🌈We engage in the process of liberation when the energy runs from our lower chakra through our higher chakra. We become less restricted and flexible. If we can’t liberate, we can’t change, grow or evolve.

🌍 ➑️ πŸ’¦βž‘οΈ πŸ”₯➑️ πŸ’¨βž‘οΈ πŸ’­

What blocks a chakra? 🚫
Past traumas, cultural conditioning, limiting beliefs, bad habits, and physical and emotional injuries.

How can we unblock them❓
Contact with nature, good habits
Body movement and meditation - Yoga
Aurally through sounds
Emotionally though exploration of feelings
Visually through images

When the chakras are balanced and the life energy is flowing smoothly 🌈, we can not only HEAL but we can create whatever changes we seek in our lives β£οΈπŸ™


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