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lifestyle yoga Mar 31, 2022

For everyone that is interested in practicing yoga ➡️ The asanas have two important qualities:

✅ Sthira, which means, steadiness, firmness, alertness
✅ Sukha, which means to remain comfortable.

Without both of these qualities to the same degree, there is no asana. You are not doing it right,

❌ If you are feeling any tension while doing the posture 🤭 You may even be hurting yourself 🚨
❌ If you feel comfortable doing the posture, but your mind is somewhere else 💭 thinking about your job, or how others perform the posture around you 👀

You know that your position is correct when you feel steady, focused, unstressed and you can even remain in the asana for a good amount of time. 🕰

How do you get to that point?

💙 BREATHE - Just allow your body to slowly relax into the position while you breathe. Your body’s natural elasticity will enhance.
💙 ACCEPTANCE- recognize your starting point and accept it. From there practice, practice, and practice.
💙 ENJOY - Have fun in the process

It is not about how beautifully you do the posture but how beautifully you FEEL and you BREATHE while doing the posture❣️

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