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The essence of yoga

For most people, Yoga means physical activity, the asanas more specifically. Asanas are yoga postures. But yoga goes above and beyond that… What exactly it is? And how this practice can change people’s lives in a good way?
The reality is that so much is lost when we try to summarize what yoga really is.

With this course, you will understand the essence of Yoga, its origins, and the goal of yoga and we will introduce you to the 8 steps to reach enlightenment based on the yoga sutras of Patanjali.

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Yoga Prenatal

Me soñaba haciendo yoga con dos corazones latiendo dentro de mi...
Me soñaba aprendiendo y compartiendo con más mujeres en esta etapa mágica y retadora.
Hoy les hago una invitación a todas las mujeres embarazadas para que se conecten con su sabiduría interna, con su fuerza sagrada femenina de creación de vida y que compartamos un proceso de auto sanación y empoderamiento a través del yoga y la auto observación.

“No puedo hacer nada por ti, excepto que trabajar en mi. Tu no puedes hacer nada por mi, excepto que trabajar en ti”. Ram Dass.

Creemos una experiencia armoniosa, respetuosa y consciente juntas. Un yoga suave y con movimientos conscientes 
Las espero, Another mom to be 

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Tantra For Couples

This is the perfect gift for your lover, yourself and your relationship! The main goal of tantra for couples is to strengthen intimacy and connection with your partner in a deeper level, energetically. Or to reconnect with your partner if the “spark in your relationship is gone”. The truth is that even in the best relationships, romance will dwindle if you're not working on it.
With this workshop, I invite you to start prioritizing your relationship by committing to these effective and beautiful practices at least once a week.

This online workshop has a general introduction to tantra for couples, 3 different practices (25 minutes each) and a preparation video for each practice. 

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